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Fly Fishing at Bessy Beck Trout Farm

Fly Fishing, Island Lake and Heron Lake.


Fly fishing has now been extended to include the Heron Lake making more fishing for the  experienced angler, The Island lake is approximetely 2 acres and the Heron Lake is 1 acre, the depth of the lakes varie from 4ft to 11ft and the water being spring fed is always clear.

The  lakes can now accomodate up 30 anglers at any one time. Anglers are requested to move positions at regular intervals giving all anglers the fair chance at 'hot spots'.

Catch and release is allowed on both these Lakes, however anglers may take up to 3 fish per session then catch and release up to their permited hours.


The lake is stocked with Rainbow trout, Blue trout and there are a number of wild Brown trout which are all returned when caught.

The majority of fish are between 2lb to 5lb but 10lbto 15lb trout are regularly caught. No fish above 10lb may be killed.

An aerator is positioned in the centre of each lake which oxygenates the water in the summer giving better sport when temperatures are high and in the winter it prevents most of the lake from freezing over.


Paul Proctor with a nice Rainbow from the Island Lake

Best flies

In winter fish are generally caught on lures or static buzzers yet on warmer days dry flies can be successful. The best winter flies are cats whisker, humungus, yellow dancer, bloodworm and black buzzer. 

Spring is normally the best time for fly fishing when hatches of hawthorn fly and midge have fish feeding from dawn till dusk. The best spring flies are dry hawthorn, black klinkhammer, hares ear nymph and pheasant tailed nymph.

Summer is weather dependant, mornings and evenings are generally best. Drys, Cdc's and small buzzers down as small as 18's do well and in the evening sedges.

Then in autumn; daddies fish well into October. Buzzers of various colours and small lures start to catch fish.

Mallard Lake - Fly Fishing

The Mallard Lake is slightly smaller than the Island at 1.5 acres with a depth of around 10ft the banks are flat and easily accessable.

The lake is fly fishing only with a catch and kill policy; this ensures easier fly fishing for the less experienced fly fisherman or woman. 

This is the perfect venue for tuition, fun days and corporate events, or for those who just want to take a few fish home.

The fish are stocked at between 1.25lb and 2lb, a good eating size, extra fish above the ticket number can be taken and paid for at the going rate.


Ross Bailey who is 9 years old caught this 4lb 12oz Rainbow from the Mallard Lake using a    No 14 Black Buzzer


Opening times...

Monday  Open Bank Holiday Monday
Tuesday   Closed
Wednesday   8.00am - 9.00pm
Thursday  8.00am - 9.00pm
Friday  8.00am - 9.00pm
 Saturday  8.00am - 9.00pm
Sunday  8.00am - 900pm

Fly fishing only

To book angling Tel 01539623303 or 07791563355.

Please note we can only accept cash for permits

Please bring correct payment


Leighton Reservoir .

For information on Leighton or Swinton Trout Farm call 01765 689270. See Web Site



Rainbow from the Island Lake

Large fish in the net

 Big fish being played